Jordan National Anthem

MY Flag

The flag of Jordan, officially adopted on 2 September 1920, is based on the flag of the Arab Revolt against the Ottoman Empire during World War I. The flag consists of horizontal black, white, and green bands that are connected by a red chevron. The colors stand are the Pan-Arab Colors, representing the Abbasid (black band), Umayyad (white band), and Fatimid (green band) caliphates. The red chevron is for the Hashemite dynasty, and the Arab Revolt. The seven-pointed star stands for the seven verses of the first surah in the Qur'an, and also stands for the unity of the Arab peoples. Some believe it also refers to the seven hills on which Amman, the capital, was built.

عـاش الـمـلـيـك Long live the King!

عـاش الـمـلـيـك Long live the King!

سـامـيـاً مـقـامــهُ His position is sublime,

خافـقاتٍ فـي الـمعالـي أعـلامـه His banners waving in glory supreme.

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